Let’s have a 48-hour love affair



Happy Singles’ Day, friends. Nowadays, Singles’ Day is more about consumption than anything else. It has long lost its original intention. The dignity of singles like us is at stake.


Therefore, today’s article has only one purpose: to teach you how to be a bachelor successfully.


The special instructor is the male protagonist of the well-known first-generation sweet pet drama “Mischief Kiss”——


Jiang Zhishu.



IQ 200, Scorpio, main achievement: always ranked first in exams.



In two hours, it will be his birthday. I must say that he is the one who deserves to celebrate this festival the most.


I watched the show 18 years ago: So sweet! Who doesn’t want a boyfriend like Naoki!

I revisit it 18 years later: Thanks for the invitation, I didn’t want to.


If it weren’t for the fact that the other party was Xiang Qin, turning off the God’s perspective to watch his operations would be the best example in the bachelor world.


In the process of re-pulling the tab, my anger started to rise after being rubbed a few times.



It cannot be said that he does not understand love at all, but he certainly does not understand much.


Today, I have specially summarized Jiang Naoshu’s experience in Class A into a “Single’s Guide” for your reference.


I promise: as long as you study hard, you will be able to successfully celebrate Singles’ Day every year.




The first guideline for bachelors:

With the most handsome face,

Wear your ugliest clothes.


Let’s first talk about one of the important factors that influence love: appearance.


Jiang Naoshu, according to the setting of the drama, is an extremely handsome guy, and he is followed by a bunch of girls wherever he goes.


When he went to school, his female classmates fell in love with him and fought over each other to get the second button of his clothes;


He goes to the company, his female colleagues love him, and every day rock, paper, scissors decides who will bring him coffee;



He went to the hospital for internship, and the nurses and patients loved him and would rather pretend to be sick than have him come to see them.


Even after he got married, there was no shortage of love blossoms. Everyone was looking forward to divorce, and love letters were sent home one after another.


From ninety-nine to just able to walk, even his younger brother’s crush came to the house to make up for a lesson, and he turned around and prostrated himself under Jiang Naoshu’s jeans.



But I guess you must have never carefully observed Jiang Naoshu’s outfit.


When you think he is so handsome, it basically falls into the following three situations:


1. Wear school uniform. 2. Wear work clothes. 3. Not wearing.



Once he starts matching his own, just watch, he will definitely come up with his favorite:


Old man striped shirt.



Ask yourself, covering this face, what is the difference between this and my dad’s dressing style? !


He’s also a lover of deep v’s, with necklines that open right down to his navel.



I also really like the polo collar design. The only thing I’m glad about is that he didn’t choose to put the collar up.


To be honest, Naoki and Xiangqin form a very obvious contrast in terms of clothing quality.


To sum up Xiangqin’s clothes in one sentence: It’s obvious that she is a princess.



To sum up Naoki’s clothes in one sentence: What a beautiful face, what an ugly outfit.


It can be seen that handsome guys may not be able to save ugly clothes, but ugly clothes will definitely defeat most handsome guys.


A qualified bachelor can ward off half of his peach blossoms with bad clothes.




Article 2 of the Single’s Guide:

Use your smartest brain,

Dislike every idiot.


As mentioned before, Jiang Naoshu is a genius with an IQ of 200.


You may not know what “IQ 200” means, so let me briefly introduce it.


This is Einstein’s IQ reported online:



This is Hawking’s IQ reported online:



Yes, according to the setting, our Naoki’s IQ can punch Hawking and kick Einstein.


With such a smart mind, it is easy to dislike every fool equally.


If you write a love letter, he thinks you are stupid;



You express love, but he finds you annoying;


You ask him for tutoring, but he dislikes you for wasting your time;

You say you are happy to be with him, but he dislikes you for causing pain;



You said that liking him is a top priority, but he dislikes your lack of goals in life;



You have a goal in life and want to be a nurse, but he despises your goal for harming society;


You want to fight side by side with him, but he dislikes you getting in the way;


If you want to catch up with him, he will directly wave his hand to persuade you to rest.


“No matter which path I choose in the future, you will never catch up.”



You just feel that falling in love will only affect the speed of this man saving the world.


Just leave him alone, that’s fine.




Article 3 of the Single’s Guide:

Use the toughest mouth,

Say the most hurtful things.


Experienced friends all know that love is still an art of speaking.


If you can express your love directly and clearly, your luck in love will definitely be the same.


But coincidentally, as a tsundere, there is no part of Jiang Zhishu’s body that is harder than his mouth.


If you want to understand Jiang Naoshu, you need a special “Chinese-to-Chinese” dictionary.


Don’t say you care, just say “this is the only type of cake shop sells today.”


Worrying doesn’t mean worrying, it says “I don’t have time”.


You have a sprained foot, and he takes the initiative to carry you, but he can’t spit out ivory, saying that carrying you saves time.


Not to mention sad, but to say that I am finally free.


Even though he was obviously unhappy that you were moving away, he still ignored you when saying goodbye and didn’t even look at you.


Not to mention jealous, but the more I look at you, the angrier I get.


Whether you like it or not, say you are a trial that God specially found for him.



So how did Xiangqin, the other party, react when he heard these words?


Most of the time, she didn’t understand, and there was zero harm done.


Occasionally, when someone understands, even someone as optimistic as her will lower her head and shed tears, filled with pain.


Jiang Zhishu will always hurt people and always be duplicitous.




Article 4 of the Single’s Guide:


Absolute confidence.


Another trait that always makes Jiang Zhishu linger on the edge of being a bachelor is:




Especially in the early days, relying on Xiangqin’s preference, as a high school student, he often showed a domineering president-like confidence.


Someone was chasing Xiangqin, but he wasn’t nervous at all.


Someone was fighting over Xiangqin. He easily broke up the fight and stabbed his heart easily at the same time.


“But the person she likes is me.”


Here I must highlight two famous forced kiss scenes.


The first time was when he graduated from high school. Xiangqin said he planned to forget Jiang Zhishu completely.


What was Jiang Zhishu’s reaction? As if he had received a challenge to “don’t fight at the school gate after school”, he confidently began to say harsh words:


“Okay! You are very good! Are you willing to forget about me?”


Then after a quick phone call, he forcefully kissed the other party. To ease the embarrassment, he made a face with his tongue sticking out.


I can’t believe that a person with an IQ of 200 can act like a kid.




The second time was the heavy rain.


Jiang Zhishu finally realized that he was about to lose Xiangqin and was anxious, but even if he confessed, he was so self-centered:


“The person you like is me, you can’t like others!”


Be more reasonable and confident, be more reasonable and confident.


It’s hard to comment. I can only say that as long as this person is not Jiang Zhishu, and the opposite person is not Yuan Xiangqin, it is not a dream to become a bachelor with one click.




Article 5 of the Single’s Guide:

We quarreled and left it alone.

Just wait until the other person figures it out.


Then comes the advanced part of the Bachelor’s Guide: Quarreling.


How to handle conflicts and resolve conflicts basically determines how far a relationship can go.


But when we start to learn from Jiang Zhishu, we don’t have to worry about how far we will go. We will be gone after just two steps.


How to describe it? Just what he said every time we had a quarrel can be summarized in four words:


“You’re ignorant.”


Xiangqin was jealous and said, “We are really not suitable to be together.”



Xiangqin was uneasy and said, “I can’t help you if you do this.”


Xiangqin cried anxiously because he calculated his credits wrongly and might have to postpone his graduation. His first reaction was to blame.



Xiangqin said he was ruthless, but he was confused at first.



Then there is a general education:


“Besides those inexplicable impulses, what else do you have?

People like you have no goals in life at all. ”



Wow, I got angry after hearing that, and it felt like several more nodules were growing.


Putting it into Xiangqin’s shoes, you originally wanted the other party to provide emotional value, but the other party insisted on teaching you how to behave.



Anyway, for a Scorpio like Jiang Zhishu, it is absolutely impossible to coax people.


If it doesn’t work, just leave it alone and wait for the other party to figure it out.




Article 6 of the Single’s Guide:

Don’t pay attention to every anniversary


Don’t worry if you have a partner, there is another trick that can make you single in a second.


That is: not paying attention to every anniversary.


Note, it’s not “don’t remember”, but “don’t pay attention to”. After all, with Jiang Naoshu’s IQ, it’s hard to forget anything.


On a honeymoon trip, Jiang Zhishu just covered his head and slept on the plane.


Xiangqin woke him up, but he still looked impatient.


When it comes to celebrating their wedding anniversary, Xiangqin even more thoughtfully gave two ways for Jiang Zhishu to choose.



But what happened to Jiang Zhishu?


“Don’t bother with that, there’s nothing to celebrate.”


Even when he said this, he was sitting in the room with his back turned, without even looking at Xiang Qin.



No matter what Naoki’s subjective wishes were, in Xiangqin’s place when he heard these words, at that moment, it really felt like cold water had been poured all over his body.


What the other party doesn’t care about is not only the anniversary, but also the relationship and the humble self in the relationship.


Xiangqin was overwhelmed by disappointment again and again, and hid in her room and broke down crying. This was the part where I felt most sorry for her in the whole film.


Until she sat on the ground crying, looking at Naoki who opened the door, she cried and asked the ultimate question in her relationship: “Naoki, you don’t love me anymore, right?”


Jiang Zhishu only replied with four words:


“Calm down.”


Just four words can basically sentence a relationship to death.


The cruelty and ruthlessness of the Scorpio man has been fully demonstrated.




Article 7 of the Single’s Guide:

What’s more terrifying than not knowing love,

It’s the love that no one can see.


But if anyone questions Jiang Naoshu’s love, he will probably feel aggrieved.


“Isn’t it obvious what I did?”

“She doesn’t seem to understand how much I love her.”



When I saw this sentence, I wanted to climb into the TV, grab his ears and say, ask yourself, who can understand this!


When taking wedding photos, the photographer knows everything and lets them [pretend] to be in love.



Watching Naoki talk to Xiangqin, the classmates felt like a mirror: It seems that Naoki doesn’t “love you very much” either.


Xiangqin tried to fight back, but was exposed even worse.


“How can love that cannot be seen be love?”



Even Jiang Naoshu’s mother was shocked.


Naoki: Why don’t I have the freedom to fall in love?


Naoki’s mother: What did you say? I have never restricted you from falling in love with others, but the point is, have you ever really loved someone? Do you know what love is? You love yourself more than others.


As I write this, I am reminded of two very illustrative video titles:


“Turn off God’s perspective, Jiang Naoshu’s love is still visible”, with 268,000 views.

“Turn off God’s perspective and wish she had never met Jiang Naoshu”, with 1.416 million views.


How to put it, love is not a game for the brave, love is a game for him alone.


Jiang Naoshu should be lucky that he is the leading actor, otherwise who would know your dark and crawling psychological activities, such as Jung Hwan, who was as awkward as in “Reply 1988”, and missed Deok Sun in the end.


Perhaps invisible love is also love, but this kind of love touches oneself and the audience, but only the person who should know most knows nothing about it.




Article 8 of the Single’s Guide:

There are exceptions to everything.


In fact, if you follow all the above, you will not be far away from becoming a bachelor.


But there is one exception that invalidates all these rules.


——Meet a Yuan Xiangqin.


No matter how ugly Jiang Naoshu wears, in her heart he is a handsome guy who can crush everyone.


No matter how much Jiang Naoshu dislikes her for being stupid, she will still work hard to get into the top 100 list, study hard to be a nurse, and do everything she is not good at.



No matter how arrogant or silent Jiang Zhishu is, as long as there is a thread in his love, Xiangqin can muster the courage again and again.


She used her sincere and passionate love to turn Jiang Zhishu, who did not understand love, into a living person.



I admit, as the plot develops, Naoki’s progress is quite obvious.

He went from having no goals in life to firmly believing in becoming a doctor.


He went from being a cold genius who felt “there is no true love in the world” to finally admitting his “incompleteness”.


“Where should I go to find someone who is as suitable for me as you? Who can give me the best hugs and make up for all my imperfections.”



Most importantly, he began to learn to be honest in love.


There is this sentence in the popular review of the TV series theme song “Encounter”:


In fact, “Yuan Xiangqin” is harder to encounter than “Jiang Zhishu”.


In love, it is not difficult to be Jiang Zhishu, especially now, it is easier for everyone to become Jiang Zhishu, the Jiang Zhishu who never met Yuan Xiangqin: wise and wise in protecting himself, advancing and retreating appropriately, never falling, never getting hurt.


But being a Yuan Xiangqin is too difficult.


Psychologist Fromm said: “Innocent, childlike love follows the following principle: I love because I am loved. The principle of mature love is: I am loved because I love others.”


Xiangqin may not be a mature person, but the love she gives is mature enough.


She is a true warrior in love, enjoying both loving and being loved.



Just like Keita who gave up pursuing Xiangqin said:

“I really lost, not to Jiang Zhishu, but to you.”



Finally, on this great day, if you are Jiang Naoshu in love, I advise you to reflect on it.


If you are Yuan Xiangqin in love, I want to tell you that Jiang Zhishu is not a big deal. It is your love that makes him precious.


Today, let him go alone!



Written by: Wang Xueqin
Editor: Pika

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There are thousands of Jiangzhi trees in the world,

There is only one Yuan Xiangqin.