Insights on life

After many years of accompanying leaders who have drunken and promiscuous sex, many years of experience will tell you the advanced ways of human nature.
1. The highest level of belittling a person: not insulting or ridiculing, but simply ignoring him
2. The highest level of strategy: complete one’s own layout from the perspective of altruism
3. The highest state of the boss: create dreams for employees and let employees realize their dreams.
4. The highest state of touching people’s hearts: tell him that he is noble and great, and let him move himself.
5. The highest level of offending someone: show off to him what he doesn’t have. Show off whatever he lacks.
1. Strategy
1. Pretend: No matter what he tells you, you just pretend to be stupid. Just smile and don’t express your opinion.
2. Praise: The higher the praise, the harder he will fall, and cultivate his fatal mistakes.
3. Praise: Generally, villains have very strong vanity. You just need to show weakness in front of them on purpose.
4. Change the topic: If someone wants you to cooperate with someone who has interests involved, change the subject with him or her.
2. Strategy
1. If someone wants something from you, if you don’t want to, don’t dare to refuse. Ask him, what would you give me in exchange? This is called: using offense as defense.
2. Allow yourself to fail, but don’t allow yourself to give up without working hard. This is called: fighting against the odds.
3. Human nature
1. The more domineering and confident you are, the more people will respect you. The more polite and kind you are, the more people will take you seriously.
2. If you measure and think about everything from the perspective of interests, you will become smarter; if you consider issues from the perspective of emotions, you will become dumber and dumber.
3. Once an enemy becomes a friend, he is more reliable than a friend; once a friend becomes an enemy, he is more dangerous than an enemy.
4. Know people
1. Capable men generally don’t like to talk.
2. People who often brag usually have nothing.
3. People who have been single for a long time are generally quite honest.
4. The quietest person in the crowd understands everything.
5. City Hall
1. If you talk less, there will be less disaster.
2. Don’t talk about others behind their backs
3. Apart from life and death, the rest of life is just scratches.
4. Don’t get too close to anyone, it’s dangerous
5. Working hard to earn M is the last word
6. Don’t tell anyone “your past.”
7. Remain mysterious and bring dignity
8. Restrain your desire to refute and learn to praise and shut up.
6. Behavior
1. Have a bottom line
Having a bottom line means having principles. A gentleman will do something and not do something. He knows how to make choices and advance and retreat. Only then will he not be influenced by others.
2. Dare to refuse
If you don’t want to borrow money, don’t want to socialize, or don’t like the other person, reject them all. The simpler and more straightforward the rejection is, the better it will be for both parties.
3. No anxiety
Worrying about gains and losses in the present and being unsure about the future are sources of anxiety, but ruthless people have clear goals, know what they want, how to get it, and never waste time on internal consumption.
4. Decisive enough
He can endure troubles, but he must be ruthless in his attacks, decisive in killing, and vigorous and resolute. Always have the heart of a Buddha and act like an emperor