The 4 most comfortable positions when the two sexes have sex, especially the second one, don’t believe it

British writer Phil Bailey once said: “The sweetest thing is love, and the bitterest thing is love.”


Two people who love each other may choose to separate due to some trivial reasons or sudden changes. This is not because they no longer love each other, but because they have encountered some insurmountable obstacles in communicating with each other.


Love is not born perfect, it requires learning and training bit by bit. In a relationship, only by learning to grow together with your lover can the relationship be long-lasting and stable.


There are actually some secrets to getting along between the sexes. Master these secrets, and even the most mundane life will not be able to dilute love.


Men should understand these secrets, and women should also understand them.



When encountering something, put yourself in someone else’s shoes


Even the closest lovers come from different environments and have experienced different things, so when facing the same thing, some disputes will inevitably arise.

These disputes are often not because the two parties do not love each other enough, but because men and women have different ways of thinking and growth backgrounds.


First of all, there are significant differences in thinking between men and women. Men tend to be more logical and rational, while women are more emotional and emotional.


This difference can easily lead to conflicts in love. For example, a man may make a woman feel hurt by ignoring details, while a woman may make a man feel uneasy by being overly emotional.




The environment in which they grew up also had a considerable impact on both men and women.


This difference is also reflected in love. Men may make women feel neglected by being too independent, while women may make men feel stressed by being too dependent.


Understanding how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is the key to resolving these disputes.


When both men and women encounter disputes, they should try to consider the issue from the other person’s perspective. If you can’t understand the other person’s thoughts, you can ask questions gently and wait for the other person’s patient explanation.


This kind of communication can enhance understanding and trust between the two parties and make love more stable.


The way men and women get along in love requires the joint efforts of both parties. Only by learning to think from each other’s perspective can we better understand each other, reduce the frequency of quarrels, and increase the warmth of the relationship.


Only this kind of love can go further.


Talk to each other before going to bed


How many couples have gradually become partners who share the same bed but have different dreams in the rush of life?


This situation seems to have become a phenomenon in modern marriages.


People are busy running for life. They go out early and come back late every day. When they get home, they are exhausted. After taking a shower, they lie on the bed and play with their mobile phones. Don’t care about the trivial matters at home, and don’t ask about your partner’s worries. All the things we once loved about each other disappeared like bubbles. Because we communicated too little with each other, we became “roommates” sleeping next to me.


Should this phenomenon really become the norm among couples?


Marriage is based on love and requires both parties to work together to maintain it. Communication and care between husband and wife are important factors in maintaining a marriage. Maybe the busy life has brought some obstacles to our communication, but the real reason is whether we really take each other into our hearts.


In order to change this phenomenon, we can try to pay more attention to communication with each other.


In the busy daily life, try to take some time to ask your partner how their day was. Have you encountered anything interesting? Did you encounter any problems? Even if you can’t solve the other person’s difficulties personally, you can at least listen to the other person’s troubles and offer support and comfort.


Communication is the basis for resolving conflicts and problems. In daily life, we can talk more about our work and life, and we can also share each other’s preferences and interests. Such communication can enhance the relationship between husband and wife and allow us to understand each other better.


When the sexes get along, every detail in daily life cannot be ignored. Everyone hopes to be respected and understood by the other. In front of our partner’s family and friends, we need to respect their opinions and decisions. This builds a relationship of true mutual respect and trust.


Give life a certain sense of ritual


Many people’s feelings are like a delicate tree that needs sunshine, rain, dew and careful care.


It starts with those warm details, such as a gentle look, a smile, and a careful movement. These seemingly trivial things can make the other person feel full of love.


However, as time goes by, some people gradually ignore these details due to their busy lives and trivial affairs, and their relationships become dull and even cracked.


Life does not need to be full of rituals, but the occasional sense of ritual can inspire each other’s yearning for life and make the couple’s relationship sweeter. The sense of ceremony is not a matter of more money, but whether you prepare carefully.


It could be a bright rose, a warm hug, or a homemade dinner. These seemingly insignificant contributions can make the other person feel your care and intention.


My friend Xiaoqian and her husband started planning a few days in advance in order to surprise each other on Valentine’s Day. They were thinking about what kind of gifts to buy and how to decorate the room. Finally, on Valentine’s Day, a romantic dinner was prepared for each other.


They lit candles, put on couple’s costumes, and played romantic music. That night, the two of them seemed to be back in love, and each felt the other’s love.


The sense of ritual does not require spending too much time or money, it only requires your intention and care.

Just like a flower in hand, a loving hug, or a hand-cooked dinner, these small contributions can increase the relationship between both parties.


These details can not only make us feel love and warmth, but also make our relationship stronger and sweeter.


Give in to each other, tolerate each other


Love, this mysterious and deep emotion, is not just words, but also an action, a determination to change yourself for the other person.


When two people truly love each other, they will be willing to sacrifice everything for each other, change themselves for each other, and become the best people for each other.


I know a couple who are always full of romance and passion in the early stages of their relationship. However, as time went by, they began to have conflicts and frictions.


The reason is because they are both very stubborn people and unwilling to make any changes for each other. They always quarreled, had cold wars, and even broke up, and their relationship was once in crisis.


However, during an in-depth conversation, they realized that they loved each other deeply.


They began to reflect on their own behavior and were willing to make changes for each other. They began to give in to each other, tolerate each other, learn each other’s strengths, and tolerate each other’s shortcomings.


Gradually, their relationship began to become more stable and healthier.


They began to fight, work hard, and strive for the future together. They supported and encouraged each other and went through many difficulties and setbacks together.


A healthy relationship requires the joint efforts and maintenance of both parties. Only by giving in to each other, tolerating each other, learning each other’s strengths, and tolerating each other’s shortcomings can the relationship be deeper and more stable.


Only in mutual support and mutual understanding can two people go through the long journey of life together.


Relationships are not only the exchange of emotions between two parties, but also need to be maintained with enthusiasm and skills. When we love each other deeply, we also need to learn some skills to express our emotions, understand each other’s needs, and tolerate each other’s shortcomings. Only in this way will our relationships be more stable and healthier.


Learning slowly how to love someone is something that requires patience and wisdom. We need to learn to listen, learn to understand, learn to tolerate, and more importantly, learn to love.