Intercourse between the sexes: Women are afraid of Lane 4. Do men know which Lane 4 it is?

A tree is afraid of being shaken three times, and a woman is afraid of three scorpions. Having said that, many people may not understand what it means. The three here is actually not three times. In classical Chinese, the meaning of three means multiple times. Translate this sentence in vernacular:
The tree is afraid of shaking back and forth many times, so it is easy to shake the foundation. Women are afraid of squatting and may end up being seduced.
One of the interesting things about observing male-female relationships is that when a woman stalks and pursues a man, success is impossible. Those shameless people may have beautiful people.
That’s why good cabbage is vaulted by pigs, because pigs have thick skin.
As the saying goes: A good woman is afraid of wolves, a fierce woman is afraid of her husband.
If a woman’s bones want to be loved, they will be taken to heaven. It’s actually hard to resist when a man’s face doesn’t suit you, but men are different. What men need to be satisfied is not to be loved, but to be conquered by force. People who are sent to the door will not succeed.
Therefore, men who pursue women must not be afraid of setbacks or rejection, but must be patient and patient. As long as you do the following three things seriously, you can still become a very beautiful woman.
First, you should continue to praise her and express your love.
A woman is always praised, pampered and intoxicated. Even if she doesn’t like you very much, she will like the feeling of being praised. When women are praised and acknowledged, they feel valuable, attractive, and good about themselves. It makes them think you’re kind of cute too.
Maybe she won’t accept you right away. It’s time to test your patience and endurance. Some people can’t get a response, and they will fail because of frustration and turn around to find other goals, but the results are often not good. But some men can still insist on expressing their feelings in a frustrated way, and eventually they will get beautiful rewards.

The second thing is always when she needs it.

In front of men, women are always vulnerable and long for protection. They long for powerful people to be their ambassadors or umbrellas. Whenever she needs it most, the people around her give her a great sense of security.
When a woman is at her most vulnerable, which is usually her most sensitive and lowest defensive stage, she is likely to be touched and truly emotional. After all, women are emotional and crave protection. They both long to be loved by a man throughout their lives.
The third thing is to provide her with every possible help.

Women have a delicate heart and often write to help others. A man who can do his best for his own affairs will definitely make this woman feel special.
When a woman is looking for a partner, she will instinctively choose a man who can help and take care of herself. After all, this is a need engraved in women’s genes and has existed in primitive societies for a long time. In the middle, women must hunt men to survive, and this need is genetically passed on.
The tree is afraid of shaking three scorpions, and women are afraid of three scorpions. Understanding this truth, when men chase goddesses, they will know that their skin is thicker and they need more patience. Women will understand. For a man who is not suitable for you, the wise choice is to stay away from him and not give him a chance.