The best relationship is to care about each other and cherish each other

Have you ever discovered that whether a person loves you or not, and whether he cares about you or not, you can tell by chatting on WeChat.

People who care about you will have everything explained, everything will be settled, and everything will be responded to.

And the people who don’t care about you will ignore what you say and the messages you send, and whether they like to talk to you or not.

As a saying goes: “I reply to you in seconds, but you reply to me in reincarnation.”

In fact, what often defeats love is a person’s numbness towards love and his attitude of not expressing, talking, and responding.

No one is willing to give their hot sincerity to someone who has no response. What we want is unreserved sincerity, and a sincerity that responds to each other.

The best form of love is having endless things to say.

Whether it’s weird remarks or mindless thoughts.

People who love you will always understand your weirdness and be lovely with you.

Time flies, and love spreads infinitely in the process of you coming and going.

Love is not a one-man show. Love is like an echo in an empty valley. Every call can be answered.

There is a saying in the school of psychoanalysis: “The place of no response is the hopeless situation.”

It means that the lack of response to feelings is equivalent to a desperate situation, and there is no way for people to survive.

No matter how beautiful a rose is, it will wither.

The sincerity that no one responds to, no matter how hot it is, will eventually become cold.

Emotions are consumables. If you don’t get a response, don’t linger. Escape from the desperate situation and wait for rebirth.

You know, in addition to love, love requires emotional communication.

When you feel down, you need someone to comfort you.

When you feel happy, you need someone to share it with.

When you feel lonely, you need someone to accompany you.

We depend on each other and care for each other.

I wish you and I could have an intimate lover who has everything explained, everything is settled, and everything is responded to.