Women 6 kinds of mentality is most likely to strange man bed

One-night stands are really boring, but don’t close this page yet, because what we are talking about today are the six key points that lead to one-night stands for women! Want to understand the real reason why women, a species that values love over sex, also play one-night stands? Then hurry up and read on ……

One: hurt
This is the root cause of the girls who are frequently looking for one-night stands, from the bottom of their hearts hurt.
The most is abandoned by the boyfriend, and this boyfriend is often their first man, the first man they thought they could trust for life. So after the breakup with them, the psychological damage is great, do not believe in love, so they began to deliberately indulge themselves, with one-night stands to make up for the wounds in their hearts.
In fact, it is only a catharsis of emotions, they use the extreme feelings to release the gloom of the head, at this time the one-night stand, they are only a disguised self-abuse, like a wounded beast, but constantly tearing their wounds, so that the wounds keep bleeding ……
I want to tell this kind of girls is: in fact, not necessarily pain, to feel their existence, in fact, you can change back again. It is not easy for people to live, please love yourself, love your body.

Two: anger
A moment of anger may lose a person to a great change.
This girl tends to be more lively, temperament is more fiery. Often after a quarrel with the boyfriend, deliberately use a one-night stand to calm their mood. In fact, their hearts just want to vent, like a child, the heart is thinking that the boyfriend does not care about me anyway, I want to deliberately gas him. In fact, she just want to find someone to care about her, so it is often easy to have a one-night stand with a guy who can comfort her, to find that loss. But often after a one-night stand, the mood calmed down and began to regret what they had done. To quote the famous quote: men often regret not having sex with a woman; women regret having sex with a man.
I hope such girls can calmly consider three minutes before looking for a one-night stand, in fact you can use a more appropriate way to balance their mood, such as chatting up ……

Three: lonely
The lonely heart often needs to be soothed.
When the long night, no one around the time, the psychological loneliness, is often very much the reason for single women one-night stand. The need for sex is not great, but just want to find someone to accompany them and spend a long night with them. The first thing you need to do is to fill the yearning for warmth and the fear of loneliness. This kind of girl is generally open-minded and advanced …… full of desire for romantic feelings.
I want to say, pay attention to contraception ……

Four: Lust
The pursuit of sexual desire.
Food and sex, sex also. With the opening of concepts, many women are more direct expression of their desires. They look for one-night stands is the naked sexual needs, often divorced ah, the husband is not around for a long time ah …… In fact, women and men alike, have a physical need for sex, so they are eager to meet their physical needs through one-night stands.
Freud in “an illusion of the future” interrupted, “Man is an imbecile and weak creature governed by instinctive desire.” .

Five: curious
Curiosity about sex.
As the network is now filled with a lot of knowledge of sex, often tempting young children, so they just budding heart, a great curiosity about sex, coupled with the many eager perverts online, this kind of little sister easily into the mouths of perverts, becoming the sacrifice of one-night stands. Because the Internet brings people of all ages together, not wanting to admit their childishness often becomes a fatal wound for children. After losing her virginity, perhaps she still doesn’t understand what happened ……

I would like to say is that should not look at the do not do not do, do not do, to your own benefit.

Six: other
Other is other ……
There are various reasons, not to say one by one, such as the need to work ah (hey, what occupation we understand in our hearts), special hobby, for the national unity what ……
After the editorial: no matter how I do not want you to try a one-night stand, because the woman who played a one-night stand at the time said it felt great, but after most of the people said they regretted it! There are many reasons for this – either you get a sexually transmitted disease, or your husband or boyfriend finds out about the consequences, and one is that you feel sorry for yourself, thinking that this way of playing is a waste of youth and life!